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Interview with Aztek

2018. december 08. - FrozenDub


Hey brother! How are you doing?!

Hey man, Im well thank you!


When I was collecting information about your works, it surprised me that I couldnt find Aztek interviews on the net. Would you please briefly introduce yourself?

Sure, my name is George and I produce dubstep/140bpm, normally on the darker/melodic side of the spectrum but I try not to pigeonhole myself too much sound wise!


You are from Sheffield. Whats the dubstep scene like there?

I spent most of my early years in the south of England in Hertfordshire, but moved to Sheffield in 2011. The scene is growing here, theres a lot more people taking an interest in dubstep again nowadays. That being said, Sheffield is a bit behind some of the cities in the UK though, the line ups that come through are very large, just not as regular as they are in Bristol for example.


Many people say this is the new golden era of dubstep. What are your thoughts on that?

I think its a very exciting time right now both as a fan and a producer. I feel everyone is open minded, and receptive to a wide range of sound and styles within the genre which is leading to producers experimenting more - which can only be a good thing really. This year has seen some mad releases, dubstep is definitely standing strong!


When did you start listening to dubstep? What was the main thing that first got you into dubstep?

Around 2009 or so, not too long after starting getting into drum & bass. I think I just developed a love for low frequency sub and how much could be done in the space available at 140bpm. Dark, minimal, but vibey tunes. Biome, Joker, Kryptic Minds and Benga probably stood out the most for me when I was first getting into the genre.

When did you start djing?

A friend of mine had cdjs back in my first year of university, about 7 years ago. I slowly learned n them and have mixed for fun ever since but not out of the bedroom much until after I started producing!


When did you start doing music production?

I first started messing around on Logic just under 3 years ago, I just felt the time was right to throw myself into it. Dont know how I lived without making music now though! Im just eager to keep pushing myself and improve.


What has been your most significant experience as a dj/producer?

In the relatively short time Ive been active quite a lot has happened, which Im really really grateful for, but it makes this question tricky haha. I think DJ wise, being able to play on the same lineups as those I look up to musically, I am playing a show supporting Taiko and Coki on New Years Eve this year which Im exited for! Production wise, I think just just having anyone listen to my music is amazing. I was overwhelmed by the response to my first EP which dropped the other week on Indigo Movement, definitely given me more drive to push forward developing my sound!


Do you listen to any other genres besides dubstep?

I listen to a lot of drum n bass. Icicle, Fre4knc and Break probably my fave producer/djs in dnb at the moment. Also like UK hip hop, a bit of grime and some of the more downtempo grimey/electronic stuff like Mssingno who is one of my favourite producers.


Do you have any forthcoming releases?

Ive got a few things coming up, not all of which I can speak about yet. I have an EP forthcoming with Southside Dubstars UK and a couple things with In:flux Audio which Im really excited about, plus a few others. Looking forward to 2019!


You are part of the Low Figuresquartet. Would you tell us more about this?

Yeah sure, Low Figures is made up of The Cosmos, Chief Kaya, Grundy & Myself. It started between Grundy & The Cosmos who then brought Kaya and then me on board. Ive been in contact with Jesee (Grundy) & Ben (The Cosmos) for a couple of years, and worked with them on projects with Canopus Records and made music together anyway so it all made sense. We are quietly working away on a few things right now, and will be doing UK shows when Grundy & Kaya fly over from the USA in March 2019!


Could you tell us about Canopus Records?

Canopus Records is a dubstep label based in Nottingham founded by Ben (The Cosmos), which I sent my first ever label submission to. Ben got me involved from then, and I now co-own and co-run the label with him. Weve been a bit quiet recently getting everything ready for next year but theres lots to be gassed about, we have signed music from some of my current favourite producers which we cant wait to let loose!


Please recommend five tunes and a dj mix that should be essential listening for every human being the sort that would leave your life incomplete if youd never heard them.

Tunes in no particular order, just a few bits from over the years that stand out to me!

L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City


Commodo - Bitch & Moan


Plata - Kru (Mssingno Remix)


Lx One & SP:MC - Kingsland Dub


Icicle - Dreadnaught ft SP:MC



Mix wise, this one is next level and I always find myself going back to it.

Kahn, Commodo, & Gantz





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